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Best Cleaning Services in Qatar

At Hegy Cleaning services in Qatar, we're not just your average cleaning company. We're here to make your homes and businesses super clean and hygiene. With its rapidly growing population and modern buildings, there's a big need for our top-notch cleaning services in Qatar.

As Qatar Cleaning Company We Offer

House Cleaning Services in Qatar

we are strictly focused on House cleaning service in Qatar and organizing your home. Our approach is to create a happy home for you by making it fresh and hygiene. This is the reason why we are the leading house cleaning service.

Pest Control Service

Pest control services in Qatar are essential for addressing and preventing pest infestations in both residential and commercial properties. Given the climate and environment in the region, Qatar faces various pest challenges.

AC Repair And Maintenance

In Qatar's hot and arid climate, air conditioning service is crucial to maintaining a comfortable indoor environment. Hegy AC service offer a range of services to keep your AC units in optimal working condition, our experts are available throughout Doha Qatar.

Office Cleaning Service

Commercial cleaning services are tailored for businesses and include office cleaning, retail store cleaning company qatar restaurant cleaning service qatar, and cleaning for other commercial spaces. These services help maintain a clean and organized environment for employees and customers

Sofa Cleaning Service

Cleaning the sofa is a process which really needs good attention. Understanding this, we have our special team of cleaners fully assigned to sofa shampooing jobs. They are trained to use a variety of cleaning techniques, equipment, and top-quality upholstery cleaning chemicals.

Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpets cleaning Qatar transform your floors into the main focus of attraction in the home. What if it has dark marks and is irritating to look at? Don’t worry here you’re with the leading Deep cleaning company in Qatar. Our Deep cleaning equipment combined with the unique cleaning process will ensure your carpets are cleaned thoroughly.

Car Interior Cleaning Service

Car interior cleaning service in Qatar are essential for maintaining the cleanliness, comfort, and hygiene of your vehicle's interior. With the country's hot and dusty climate, car interiors can accumulate dust and grime quickly.


Termites Control Service

Anti-termite treatment is essential in Qatar due to the prevalence of termites in the region, which can cause significant damage to wooden structures. Termite infestations can be particularly problematic in the arid climate of Qatar, and taking preventive measures is crucial.

Sanitizing & Disinfecting

Deep cleaning only remove visible dirt, soil, chemical residues and allergens from equipment, utensils and work surfaces. It will not remove microorganisms like bacteria or viruses. This needs sanitizing or disinfecting the place with efficient products.



In the busiest city of Doha Qatar we provide commercial and residential cleaning services with a seamless 60-second booking process. If you need thorough deep cleaning company Qatar or any other type of our service, you can book easily. Our professional team of house cleaners in Doha Qatar will take care of the rest, guaranteeing the very best service. From housekeeping to disinfecting and sanitizing, and all your residential and commercial cleaning needs, we offer flexible and affordable solutions to give you back your precious free time.

Are you looking for a certified residential and commercial cleaning company Qatar? Good to know that you are at the right place. Hegy Deep Cleaning Qatar is a leading cleaning company in Doha Qatar  that provides professional residential, commercial cleaning in Doha Qatar 24/7 at very affordable rates. We understand that every place has its specific requirements for removing 99.98% of germs. We design a customized strategy following your cleaning preferences by using the latest cleaning techniques and tools. We prioritize your cleaning schedule to serve our clients in the best ways. We have the best standards in the industry to meet your expectations. Hegy Cleaning has become the most valued company in the domestic cleaning industry in Qatar If you're looking for professional and Best House Cleaning company Qatar look no further than Hegy Cleaning. Hegy International provides customers with a complete range of cleaning services in Qatar & pest removal services home cleaning sofa cleaning & carpet cleaning  disinfection & sanitization services in Doha Hegy cleaning service in Qatar we are completely customer service oriented, passionate to delivering the best quality cleaning service in Qatar and are persistent in satisfying our client's needs to the maximum residential cleaning company is consummate and can be availed by anyone here in Dubai.

Some of our specialties which makes our position prominent in the industry are:


You can avail our housekeeping service on the same day of booking or a future day as you prefer


You can avail the weekly and monthly commercial cleaning company with the same cleaner you like


The staff are well trained, reliable, interviewed in-person and legally permitted to work in QATAR


We will send you an SMS after the service including the link where you can make your remarks.

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A certified cleaner comes over and cleans your place.

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Sit back and relax. Enjoy your fresh and tidy home!


All our services are carried out by professional and trained cleaners who will meet your highest expectations. We work around your schedule and provide more free time to enjoy what you do. Our cleaners are trained to provide services tailored to individual requirements as we understand the exacting standards of the customer. hegy providing high quality cleaning services with help from our professional cleaners, the cleaning will be smooth and total. Of course, steam cleaning is a versatile cleaning method and can be used equally for any environment


Book your janitorial service online 24 hours and call toll free number from 7:30 AM to 12 midnight.


Doha Qatar covers all major areas of Qatar and we drop the cleaner to your place.


We Provide Our Services 7 Days Week. Cleaning Service Company.

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